Fur Babies Case Study

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The goal of this app was to make it easier for users to learn more about the pup that they either already have or want the potential to have. We wanted it to combine the information and history of the dog as well as the ability to buy all of the things that you need for the dog or future dog that you will be getting.  For this project, I focused on the Research with the How Might We statement, and the user personas.

How Might We?

Our How Might Me statement was:

How Might We combine the shopping experience with a history of breed for dog lovers who want to understand more about their pups and shop for them at the same time?

User Personas

Our target audience was the 25 - 45 age range who live in major cities with good jobs that allow them the affordability to both care for and provide for a pet. These are people who find themselves desiring companionship and love from a pet. These are dog lovers who want to have information about these pets at their fingertips.

User persona for John WilliamsUser Persona for Melissa Prince


I created the sitemap intending to be able to lead and have a better understanding of where we want the user to go. In other words a minimized view of the user flow for the app

Sitemap for fur babies

Design Studies

During the initial design stage, I wanted to create wireframes that were very user-friendly and pup-centered. I used beautiful images of the different pets and an easy-to-use bottom navigation that helped them to know where to shop, learn, and enjoy.

The color palette consisted of blue and grey for calm tones as finding a new pet can be an exhaustive experience and I wanted them to come to the app to feel more peace.

Find your pet link will give a map of different adoption shelters for you to consider adopting your new fur baby.

wireframes version one.

Final Designs

After a few more rounds with business, we decided upon this approach. We changed the color palette as the blue on white was hard the read. The images felt a bit small on the original designs. The text box felt a bit much and instead, we wanted to showcase the fur babies' images and have the names when they pick on the specific breed.

The clients were very happy with this approach. I learned a lot with this project, although it didn't come to light the project helped me to communicate better. Compromise a lot of compromise! The clients were all over the place with what they wanted and very slow to get back to me with the updates and changes. I would definitely work with them and the mobile app in the future.

Home final of projectshopping cart version of mockups